Air Purifiers, Sanitizers & Fresheners – What should you use to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

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Fresh air aaahhh!

When you watch a weather news forecast, the meteorologist will often include in their report the condition of the outside with stats on pollen count and humidity.   Some states in urban areas monitor whether the outside air is attaining the goals for contaminents and pollutants set out by the EPA, or whether it is a non-attainment day.

Although we often think of outdoor air as dirty and can trigger allergies, the air inside can be five times more harmful than being outdoors.

WellHosts will address many ways that we can prevent pollutants, particulates and pathogens from entering the home.   However, aiming to help you take action, this post addresses potential solutions once we decide to clean up the air in our home.   You will hear about products on the market that can purify or sanitize the air.   Air purifiers circulate air, and have the ability to act on airborne microorganisms while air passes through the unit.  Some purifiers can also kill odors.   An air purifier is effective, but can take a long time to address cleaning, such as from a cough, because it will simply take a long time before all air in the room circulates through.   An air sanitizers is usually referring to a chemical inside an aerosol can or spray container, that can attack air borne pathogens with a point and shoot approach.  Keep in mind, an air sanitizer is not an air freshener, which usually  just adds fragrance to the air.  Often travelers smell the fragrance and begin to think about what the Host is trying to mask, such as a moldy room,  cooking or pet odors.

So what is best solution for your home?  Air purifiers, sanitizers and fresheners all have a role to play and are complimentary systems.   Having a stationary air purifier unit is a great long term solution.  For very little electricity, it can do its job continuously, and most models, such as the Winnix 5500-2 is a super quiet, air purifier with Plasma Wave technology that senses the condition of air and modulates accordingly.   This model features a media filter for fine particulate, a carbon filter for organic contaminants, and a HEPA filter that traps pathogens and allergens.

I think a stationary air purifier present in the home says “We Care” and is a great addition for a WellHost! Stay tuned for more tips on improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).  You can also check out our tips on Twitter @WellHosts.


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