Why Host Well

Beyond a place to sleep, breakfast and TV, how do travelers interact with and enjoy your space? What are travelers’ expectations about cleanliness and healthy choices at your house or inn? Since the hospitality industry has evolved to offering amenities beyond a night’s rest, the health and wellness focus in the Bed & Breakfast business must join them in this focus to stay competitive.

In a new era, choice and flexibility of how a traveler interacts with the space, the host and community will continue to evolve. The building mortar and bricks, and other “nonvisible” elements will become an important part of what a travelers opts for, seeing their space as an extension of human skin. As travelers tune into their bodies, holistically, they will consider how their environment is impinging upon them, just as much as they ponder how they as humans impinge upon the environment. Hosts may be concerned about the expense of investing in their space with major renovations, but supporting a healthy lifestyle for travelers can start with an easy home assessment. Tackle your health and wellness focus one idea at a time.

For example, travelers want to control the air that enters into their space, feeling access to fresh air is an important eco-system that affects their health.

 Air inside can have five times more pollutants than outside air.

Does every room have an operable window? Are the seals clean, free of insects and debris, and is the window easy to open?

IMG_1294Like our blogs and tune into more ideas! Well Hosts look forward to a conversation with you on many healthy tips such as these, and invites your suggestions for our readers!

Host Well!


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